Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 1 Paleo

WOW what a fast week that turned out to be!

As you know I started my search to the perfect diet to fight autoimmunity last Monday.  I opted to try the Paleo diet.  The principles being that if it doesn't walk, grow or swim on this earth then I can't eat it.  So it was bye bye beloved sweet chilli sauce, ketchup, bread, pasta, noodles, take away, did I mention bread!

I started pretty well last week.  I had pre made some homemade gluten, grain and dairy free granola but then I served it with fully dairy yoghurt.  Lunch and dinner were much easier, I had experimented with carb free before so to have a protein rich dinner with lots of veggies was no problem.  I made cauliflower and broccoli fritters served with roasted chicken, home made bologanise sauce served with ribbon zucchini,  even a paleo pizza base with salami, capsicum and onion topping, it was all very yummy.

However as the week progressed I found myself craving bread, pasta etc.  For the most part I did resist, however some bread did pass my lips and perhaps a late night bowl of pasta (gluten free of course!).

Today I had a dietitics review. How had my first week gone?

I confessed my diet downfalls, the craving bread being one and the late night pasta.  Oh and most importantly the skipping breakfast because I slept in late and decided it was better just to wait until lunch.

But my wonderful dietitian Julie was not phased by my cravings and sneaky bread eating.  It is all normal when you have to give up things which have been your 'norm'.  Instead of chastising me she gave me solutions in the form of paleo friendly bread recipes.

What stopped me in my tracks was that I was actually to have no dairy!!!!  What!!??? I am the granddaughter of a dairy farmer, my extended family makes a living from dairy!!! I LOVE cheese, how can this be happening to me!!!! 

It was then explained that in order for my gut to heal it can't have dairy, if I am to absorb nutrients I can't keep making my gut sick with dairy, gluten, grains and processed foods. 

I have already started using Bone broth which is rich is gelatin, mineral, vitamins and very good at healing the gut.  It isn't to my taste but I determined to continue because I know it is my long term best interests. 

Fair play to Julie, she gave me alternative recipes for sour cream.  I remain sceptical but I am prepared to give this fake cheese a go.  After all I want to be well and thriving more than I want cheese.

On the menu this coming week

Banana bread (grain, gluten and dairy free)

Multigrain paleo bread (grain, gluten and dairy free)

Dairy free sour cream

Paleo Lasagna


Bone Broth mixed into vegetable soup

Savoury mince served in a egg omelet (paleo burrito)

Apple and strawberry crumble (gluten, grain and dairy free)

Asian spiced chicken and asian slaw.

Green smoothies

Fruit smoothies made on almond milk

and I plan to research paleo protein balls.

What is on your menu this week?

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