Friday, July 26, 2013

Travelling and Paleo lifestyle

How has your week been?

Mine has been filled with work and cooking.  Meal prep is getting easier and faster but I have a whole new hurdle on the paleo eating front to get over. 

Good news is that i survived my first night shift since switching to this lifestyle.  Lots of protein definately helped keep hunger at bay.  Plus who doesn't like eggs for breakfast in the morning, post night shift they tasted pretty amazing. 

I also got to catch up with my Immunologist for the first time in a month.  He was very pleased with my progress, I still get hives but it's now only once a day instead of all day and I have had no more facial, throat or mouth swelling.  My blood results are improving and I have been taken off one medication, this excited me no end. 

Tomcat has noticed that my energy levels seem to be improving.  Instead of wanting to go to bed each night at 6pm and actually sleeping until my alarm at 0530, I have been able to sit down, regroup and then continue on.  I think that means that I am winning this battle. 

My biggest hurdle is this coming week.  I leave Brisbane tomorrow to drive to South of Sydney to catch up with my in laws.  We will stop over in central NSW to give us a break from the driving.  It is a 13 hour non stop drive for those who aren't in Australia  I haven't been faced with being away from home, eating out or staying at other peoples homes since starting my paleo lifestyle.  I have tried to prepare as much as possible and this evening have made my paleo bread and a pumpkin paleo bread.  We will have an esky in the car to keep it fresh until I can freeze each portion at my in laws house.  Ive also stock up on ham and chicken, veggies etc for me to munch on in the car while travelling.  I don't think service stations etc will be able to cater for my needs. 

To be honest my biggest worry is explaining my new lifestyle choices to my in laws.  For those who don't react to gluten, grains and dairy it would be extremely hard to understand.  However they know what I have been through with my health in the last 6.5 years and they have been supportive.  My response is going to be that if they want grandchildren then this is how they can support me.  I think they will be on board with that.  Time will tell...

Have a great week.


  1. Good luck on the trip. Being prepared before leaving re: your food is a darn good idea. You in-laws will be supportive I'm sure.

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