Monday, January 12, 2015

Homemade Hollandaise

How are you all?

It has been a while since any sort of update from me and for that I am sorry.  I can explain.  You see my health has improved so much that life has become very very busy.  I finally left my job in Intensive Care at the end of October and began a new career path in Oncology Nursing.  I now no longer work night shifts, or weekends and the latest I finish work is 1700.  I am beyond excited for what that means for my health. 

Towards the end of last year I also managed to complete the Brisbane Neon Run which was a 5km route to raise money and awareness for Beyond Blue.  I walked the full 5km without stopping which is a HUGE undertaking, considering that only weeks- months before I was crippled with arthritis pain and crying if I had to walk any further than 10 metres.  So another huge goal ticked off. 

I've also been getting more adventurous with my cooking as I continue on my Paleo journey.  I to date have lost 23 kgs and feel a million dollars for it.  My inflammatory markers are continuing to drop and life is good.  I am now trying a low carb high fat approach to my diet and have entered a state of nutritional ketosis.  The goal with this is that it will help reduce my inflammation further and put my autoimmune arthritis into remission.  One challenge with eating low carb high fat when you are dairy free, is getting enough good fat in.  This morning I achieved this by making hollandaise to have with my poached eggs.  It is made on ghee so all the milk solids have been removed making it perfect fuel for us Paleo guys and girls. 

100g ghee
2 egg yolks
0.5 tablespoon lemon juice

Bring a saucepan of water to the boil on the stove. 
Get a heat safe bowl which fits snuggly on the top of the boiling water
Place the Lemon Juice and egg yolk in the bowl and whisk
Then place the bowl over the boiling water and continuously whisk until thickened (it will have doubled in volume), don't over cook or the egg will scramble.
Take the bowl off the saucepan
Slowly pour warm ghee in to the bowl whilst continuously whisking.  The ghee should be warm but not hot or this will scramble the egg. 
Season with salt.
Serve and Enjoy


  1. OOO I must try that recipe... I love Hollandaise sauce.

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