Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - a few of my favourite things


Handmade invites instead of generic facebook event invites or text messages.  So pretty, fun to make and make people feel loved.
As a household of shift workers we can go can go for a week or more without seeing each other.  Sure we are aware of a warm body in the bed gently loudly snorning when we jump in the other side.  Communication is therefore a problem.  Here is one of the love notes I left Tomcat while on a week of night shifts. I simply adore finding notes, random text from my wonderful hubby.
Sunrise at the end of a long night shift.  This is a wonderful sight.
Showing Tomcat the North Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland (and this is winter!)


I share parts of my day on instagram, come check me out.

 What are a few of your favourite things or places? 

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