Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tips for Succeeding on a Paleo Journey

I am now on day 67 of my whole 30 journey and I continue to enjoy the experience. To date I have lost 14.1 kgs (30 lbs) in 60 days and I continue to feel much better. A couple of weeks ago I actually forgot to give myself my arthritis injection as I was feeling so good. Previously that would have been unheard of and I would have been watching the calendar and crossing my fingers for a few days relief from all the pain.

For me the secret to success has been being organised. As a shift worker I have to have my meals planned, shopping done and as much food prep done as possible. Often before a series of shifts I will prepare a few days worth of meals in advance. Meal planning and shopping lists are therefore essential. Before heading out in the car to the shops, I have my lists broken into sections and I know exactly where I will get each item.  By doing this it guarantees that I am not wasting time running all over the city.   I also order some things online and have them delivered straight to the house.  This is perfect for saving time and a lot of money.  I shop from iherb and I have my delivery from USA to Australia in less than a week.  If you use code JMR789 of your first order you will get $5-10 off.

I have a few trusty meals that I turn to when I need to make something quickly, however I am mindful that in the past I have become bored with meals being repeated too often. I now have quite the collection of Paleo cookbooks and I am loving having them to flick through, cook from and use for inspiration.

What are your favourite cookbooks?

Here are some of mine

Against All Grain,
Well Fed,

Nom Nom Paleo,
and in less than a week Danielle Walkers new book Against All Grain: Meals Made simple hits the book shelves. I am so excited about this cookbooks release that I have had it on pre order since July. Danielle's first book was my first paleo cookbook and it helped me to fall in love with this way of life. We have a very similar health journey and I took inspiration from her health progress. If you get a chance I highly recommend checking this book out Against All Grain.

Do you have any tips for success in the kitchen?


  1. I have no real tips people could use in a kitchen Cat, except try not to burn anything and try not to fall over and injure yourself :-p.

    Oh and keep raw meat covered up to avoid a contamination risk from flies.

    However all joking aside, I wanted to tell you that I'm really proud of you for what you have managed to achieve and I'm glad things have worked out for you. It's been an incredibly challenging few years recently and this is a time in your life when you should be getting some kind of rewards for all that you have had to endure and the weight loss is your reward for being strong, consistent and try your best to care for yourself, when you have to spend so many hours a week caring for others.

    You're doing brilliantly Cat, so WELL DONE and keep up the hard work, because you're an incredibly amazing and inspiring Lady and I'm smiling inside right now having read about how well you're doing, because you DEFINITELY deserve it and you are DEFINITELY worth it.

    Keep believing, keep pushing and GOOD LUCK with everything.

    :-) :-)


  2. Hmmmm... maybe I shall investigate the Paleo way! Ya never know till you try I suppose. I'm glad it's working for you Chick.

  3. I saw one of your posts on instagram today, so I cam to check you out. I am on day 11 of my whole30 and couldn't be happier. I have all of those same books, plus well fed 2. And then I have a smaller one called Paleo wraps that I also really like. The more books, the better. I like what you said about being organized, because it really helps. I usually cook my lunches on the weekends, and pack my lunch the night before. I am lucky to have several shops close by, and to live in a rural area so I have access to tons of fresh veggies. I live outside of Seattle Washington, in the US. If there was someway to follow your blog, such as by email or by bloglovin', I would do that., but didn't see an option for either. In any case, good luck on your continued journey!

    1. Hi Jannike, thanks for stopping by. Congrats on starting your Whole 30, you will love the difference it can make in 30 days. Sounds like you live in the perfect area with access to all the fresh veggies.

      I'm exploring options to subscribe to the blog. At the moment I think a quick search in bloglovin of "keastydownunder" allows you access to subscribe to all post updates.

      Hope you have a great week

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