Monday, August 26, 2013

Favourite items in the kitchen

I have neglected my blog and my readers recently and for that I apologise.  I had technology dramas the last couple of weeks and my trusty laptop had to be sent off to the the "geek hospital" to be resuscitated.  Luckily the crew at Geeks to You were able to revive it and return it to me with haste. 

I kept busy and stocked my freezer up with as many paleo meals and snacks as possible.  This was to help keep me on the paleo bandwagon and allow me to get as much sleep as possible between shifts.  I am pleased to report that this is working.  I returned to work a few days ago and things are going smoothly. 

I am very excited because I am starting to see improvements in my energy levels and I have lost 5 kgs since going paleo.  I'm even contemplating a return to the gym! I have to be careful that I don't become too obsessed with the gym.  In the past when trying to lose weight and get healthy I have literally become obsessed with how many hours I can do in the gym, and how many thousands of calories I can burn each day.  I then backed that up with eating very little.  Essentially I was breeding an eating disorder.  I do not plan on going back down that route, it was extremely unhealthy and very unhelpful in regards to my long term health.  So this time it is all about positivity, current and long term health and remembering that it is not a race to get to goal weight.  It MUST be sustainable.

Ive been keeping the postman busy recently and getting a few things from online shops.  I received the "Against All Grain" cookbook by Danielle Walker and love it.  The food is clean, easy to make, filling and nourishing.  I highly recommend you all check it out.  Her website is also fabulous and has some recipes to try.   

I am also trying MCT oil which is supposed to help with energy levels, absorption of fat soluble vitamins and help boost the immune system.  I will take it for a few weeks before I report back about how I am feeling. 

And finally I bought a spirooli to make my vegetables into beautiful spirals.  I am already in love with this machine.  It is easy to use and for someone like me with arthritis that is a big plus.  Also the vegetables are turned into spirals quickly and I am all for quick when preparing food.  I served Tomcat zuchetti bolognaise for dinner and he loved it. 

Do you have any favourite cookbooks? or kitchen gadgets that you just can't live without?  Let me know in the comments.


  1. I love my Thermomix.

    Here's a paleo website you might be interested in checking out if you haven't already,

    Lia xxx

    1. Ive heard amazing things about the thermomix. Will have to check them out. Thanks for the tip about the website.

  2. Awesome attitude re: going to the gym and starving ... no matter what we do to lose weight, it needs to be sustainable over the long term.

    1. Thanks Chris. It will be a long journey but a worthwhile one.